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Master Class in Austria

On the week 2th to 9th of August, right in the middle of the summer, I was invited to make a master class in St Polten, Austria, not so far from Vienna. That was a second year in a row, when I was given an opportunity to feel the special austrian mood inspired by the magnificent musical heritage left in this european country.

This time master classes were combined with  Beethoven musical competition where I was working in a jury. The competition itself has been quite an international event, gathering people from many different countries. This is always a good opportunity to get to know more about violin teaching culture in other countries.

I was working with six students, some of them were russians and some- austrians. At the end of the master classes a chamber music concert has been given, with tutors performing. It was a great pleasure to perform with my colleagues, especially with Michael Kugel and Gernot Winishkofer.


Master Class in Austria   Master Class in Austria   Master Class in Austria